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Immigration Of The United States - 828 Words

Immigration without Assimilation An immigration policy in the United States assessed to be one of the boiling issues of political debates for more than two decades which drives to its foreign policy through consideration on national and societal security in its soil, particularly in a global arena. Some might express that auspicious immigration policy can be a threat to national security of the United States, in contrast, others may argue that it does not pose such a threat to its soil. Since end of 1800s the United States is considered to be one of the preeminent immigrant subsidiary nations till end of 20th centuries. As a result of auspicious policies on immigrants, on the contrary, lack of appropriate mechanisms in order to control over the flow of immigrants into its soil, â€Å"more than eleven million undocumented immigrants out of forty-one million have been well nested in its soil†, according to the credible source. Thus, a former policy on immigration must have been brought both positive and negativ e consequences to the United States, particularly for its social, economic, political, and security environments. Nonetheless, there is not clear and specific information on how many of immigrants are considered to be immigrants with assimilation or without assimilation. What are their pros and cons for the sovereignty of United States? Therefore, which option or combination of options best address national and societal security in the United States? Nowadays, immigrationShow MoreRelatedImmigration And The United States986 Words   |  4 PagesImmigration in the United States continues to increase rapidly year by year. According to an analysis of monthly Census Bureau data by the Center for Immigration Studies, the immigration population in the United States, both legal and illegal, hit a record of 42.1 million in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 1.7 million since the same quarter of 2014 ( Clearly, Immigrants make up a large part of the population in the United States, and for most immigrants, migrating to theRead MoreImmigration Of The United States1399 Words   |  6 Pages Michelle Faed English 126 Immigration in the United States The United States of America, being a country established by immigrants, is known all over the world as the land of great opportunities. People from all walks of life travelled across the globe, taking a chance to find a better life for them and their family. Over the years, the population of immigrants has grown immensely, resulting in the currently controversial issue of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are the people whoRead MoreImmigration And The United States965 Words   |  4 Pages Immigration is a highly controversial and big problem in the United States today. â€Å"While some characterize our immigration crisis as solely an issue of the 11 to 12 million unauthorized immigrants living in this country, our problems extend beyond the number of undocumented people to a broader range of issues. The lack of a comprehensive federal solution has created a slew of lopsided, enforcement-only initiatives that have cost the country billions of dollars while failing to end un authorizedRead MoreImmigration On The United States1302 Words   |  6 PagesImmigration Rights in the U.S. Immigration has occurred in the U.S. for for many years. Some say it’s the foundation of our country. America is the country where people leave their own country to live. People would leave due to mistreatment, hunger issues or job opportunities. America is known for starting over or accomplishing dreams, so immigrants travel over to follow those dreams. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflictRead MoreThe Immigration Of The United States1711 Words   |  7 PagesThe vast majority of people living in the United States are descendants of immigrants, and yet majority of them are against them. It is quickly forgotten that America was built on immigrants that wanted a new life. A life free from harsh government, and the freedom from forced religion. The original settlers were immigrants that stole this land; immigrants continued to come for years. It is not a newly constructed concept that immigrants have always been a problem, ask any Native American. One usedRead MoreImmigration Of The United States1064 Words   |  5 Pages Camarota (2007, p.1), director of the Immigration Studies Center, reports there are 1.6 million documented and undocumented migrants take up residence in the United States every year. Camarota goes on to say that the immigrants occupy one-eighth of the total population who settled in the U.S. The flood of aliens, to a significant degree, hinders the development of the United States. Therefore, the issues which relate to immigration must not be neglected, and the government should keep the numberRead MoreImmigration And The United States Essay1377 Words   |  6 Pages Immigration has been a large conversation topic for such a long time in our country. We have worked on policies for immigration, and have made changes to them throughout the duration of our country’s existence. This topic is always worth mentioning and important, but has become a bigger topic once again due to presidential elections and the conversations being had about immigration from said elections. It is not necessarily easily seen if the concern with immigration is who is here legally or limitingRead MoreImmigration Of The United States1565 Words   |  7 PagesA native of Mexico, Gonzalez came to the United States using a visa, to visit family members and in 1994, police convicted Gonzalez of the abduction and rape of a Waukegan, Illinois woman. During his conviction his attorney, Vanessa Potkin, addressed that at twenty years old, Gonzalez spoke very little English, had no criminal record, and yet the police wanted to pin the crime on him. Twenty years later, DNA from the crime cleared him of both charges, and Gonzalez is now threatened with deportationRead MoreImmigration : The United States1087 Words   |  5 PagesThe United States is a popular and powerful which many people admire. It is very true that the country prospect and is more enrich. O pening the border might improve the economy or can impact the job market for American citizens. It is the jobs of American citizens to be given more to this illegal immigrant. I believe the U.S. borders should remain closed. While it is clear that opening the borders can have benefits, I believe it is more important to keep jobs available for Americans. In my opinionRead MoreThe Immigration Of The United States1632 Words   |  7 PagesFrench and European to settle in the New World. Since the colonial era, America has seen a wave of immigrants migrate in search of freedom and equality. Is this the same immigration today? Nearly 11.6 million immigrants from Mexico reside in the U.S. Today Immigration has a significant impact on many aspects of life in the United States, from the workforce and the classroom to communities across the country. Not all immigrants come to America legally whether as naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents

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The Thousand Days War

The Thousand Days’ War was a Civil War fought in Colombia between the years of 1899 and 1902. The basic conflict behind the war was the conflict between liberals and conservatives, so it was an ideological war as opposed to a regional one, and it divided families and was fought all over the nation. After about 100,000 Colombians had died, both sides called a halt to the fighting. Background By 1899, Colombia had a long tradition of conflict between liberals and conservatives. The fundamental issues were these: the conservatives favored a strong central government, limited voting rights and strong links between church and state. The liberals, on the other hand, favored stronger regional governments, universal voting rights and a division between church and state. The two factions had been at odds since the dissolution of Gran Colombia in 1831. Attack of the Liberals In 1898, conservative Manuel Antonio Sanclemente was elected president of Colombia. The liberals were outraged, because they believed that significant election fraud had taken place. Sanclemente, who was well into his eighties, had participated in a conservative overthrow of the government in 1861 and was extremely unpopular among liberals. Because of health problems, Sanclemente’s grip on power was not very firm, and liberal generals plotted a rebellion for October 1899. War Breaks Out The liberal revolt began in Santander Province. The first clash took place when liberal forces tried to take Bucaramanga in November 1899 but were repulsed. A month later, the liberals scored their largest victory of the war when General Rafael Uribe Uribe routed a larger conservative force at the battle of Peralonso. The victory at Peralonso gave the liberals the hope and strength to drag out the conflict for two more years against superior numbers. The Battle of Palonegro Foolishly refusing to press his advantage, liberal General Vargas Santos stalled long enough for the conservatives to recover and send an army after him. They clashed in May 1900 at Palonegro, in Santander Department. The battle was brutal. It lasted approximately two weeks, which meant that by the end decomposing bodies became a factor on both sides. Oppressive heat and lack of medical care made the battleground a living hell as the two armies fought time and again over the same stretch of trenches. When the smoke cleared, there were close to 4,000 dead and the liberal army had broken. Reinforcements Up until this point, the liberals had been getting aid from neighboring Venezuela. The government of Venezuelan President Cipriano Castro had been sending men and weapons to fight on the liberal side. The devastating loss at Palonegro made him halt all support for a time, although a visit from liberal General Rafael Uribe Uribe convinced him to resume sending aid. The End of the War After the rout at Palonegro, the defeat of the liberals was only a question of time. Their armies in tatters, they would rely for the rest of the war on guerrilla tactics. They did manage to secure some victories in present-day Panama, including a small-scale naval battle that saw the gunboat Padilla sink the Chilean ship (â€Å"borrowed† by the conservatives) Lautaro in the harbor of Panama City. These small victories notwithstanding, even reinforcements from Venezuela could not save the liberal cause. After the butchery at Peralonso and Palonegro, the people of Colombia had lost any desire to continue the fighting. Two Treaties Moderate liberals had been trying to bring about a peaceful end to the war for some time. Although their cause was lost, they refused to consider an unconditional surrender: they wanted liberal representation in government as a minimum price for ending hostilities. The conservatives knew how weak the liberal position was and remained firm in their demands. The Treaty of Neerlandia, signed on October 24, 1902, was basically a cease-fire agreement that included the disarming of all liberal forces. The war was formally ended on November 21, 1902, when a second treaty was signed on the deck of the US warship Wisconsin. Results of the War The Thousand Days’ War did nothing to alleviate the long-standing differences between the Liberals and Conservatives, who would again go to war in the 1940’s in the conflict known as La Violencia. Although nominally a conservative victory, there were no real winners, only losers. The losers were the people of Colombia, as thousands of lives were lost and the country was ravaged. As an extra insult, the chaos caused by the war allowed the United States to bring about the independence of Panama, and Colombia lost this valuable territory forever. One Hundred Years of Solitude The Thousand Days’ War is well-known inside of Colombia as an important historical event, but it has been brought to international attention due to an extraordinary novel. Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez’ 1967 masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude covers a century in the life of a fictional Colombian family. One of the most famous characters of this novel is Colonel Aureliano Buendà ­a, who leaves the tiny town of Macondo to fight for years in the Thousand Days’ War (for the record, he fought for the liberals and is thought to have been loosely based on Rafael Uribe Uribe).

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Top Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples Choices

Top Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples Choices There are distinct means of structuring different kinds of essays. Another type of evidence that's often utilized as an alternate to actual facts or statistics is the anecdote. One of the greatest means by which you can be prepared is to stay on top of current events and read articles such as these. Take into consideration the context of the true world. Students cannot merely retake the essay part of the SAT alone. Students who opt to compose the essay now have 50 minutes instead of merely 25. Essay writing is normally practiced is schools. Writing an essay is a vital role in academe life. To structure an essay, you should simply comply with the above mentioned format. Essays term papers dissertations and a lot more. For better comprehension of employing the SAT Score for studying abroad, it's always encouraged to take expert opinion. If a student makes the decision to skip the essay part of the SAT and applies to a college or university that needs a score for the writing part of the SAT, the student is going to have to retake the full SAT. The SAT test is given seven times per year in the United States of america. The SAT test provided by College Board covers a wide scope of topics. What sort of paragraph receives the greatest scores from graders. No longer is it at the start of the test. You are requested to correct the errors by deciding on the finest possible replacement. The majority of the test remained the exact same. The Upside to Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples The Writingscore determines the grade of the student's writing. Don't forget that, although it's optional, you still ought to attempt it to make a great impression on the colleges of your selection. Students should find out more about the colleges and universities where they want to know more about applying to figure out which schools require an SAT writing score. Some students object to this idea as it takes away their individuality, but I think there are a lot of explanations for why school uniforms may be recommended. The major point is, you don't need to wait until you find the prompt to come up with an arsenal of kinds of argument-building techniques you may use to back up your points. A few examples of fantastic work always assist and increase the flow. So you'll have some source material to work with for your practice session, take a couple of minutes to do a little bit of quick, informal research through internet searches to obtain a notion of a fe w points on either side of the problem. Both options have unique advantages and they're equally good with quantifiable advantages. Because many exams need you to write persuasive essays, it might be a great concept to begin your practice with one. Bear in mind that you would like to capture the experience of taking a genuine essay exam. This all-inclusive guide provides you access to more practice tests than every other guide out there. It tells where you are able to get completely free practice tests graded online and essays graded free of charge by computer. The Unexposed Secret of Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples How it is possible to impress graders with your very first paragraph every time by utilizing any one of five easy and simple to remember ideas. The writing needs to be educational. My book also includes a no questions asked, 365 day money-back guarantee. Students have to compose essays based on the teacher's instructions or their preferred style in writin g. The Hidden Facts on Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples Some consider essay writing a burden even though others see it like a chance to share their ideas and opinions. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you should be in a position to hit the question and offer a straightforward answer while at the exact same time observing the proper structure of an essay. Also, ensure that your essay is reasonable and is communicating your intended argument effectively. The SSAT essay is the initial portion of the SSAT exam. Select a prompt at random from above, or pick a topic which you think will be hard that you detach from (because you're going to want to write about the subject, instead of the argument) set timer to 50 minutes and compose the essay. The trick is to solving this issue is overcome what's called functional fixedness. The simplest way to set the form of an essay is to realize the writer's point of view. There's no ideal solution on how best to compose an effective essay. The Argument About Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples Occasionally it can even correct aged errors in thought and place an end to wrong actions. Think freely, but you're not permitted to think of anything else besides the topic accessible. If you write quickly when you have everything synthesized, then you are probably going to want to have more time to analyze the job. Regardless of what, attempt to leave some time at the limit to check over your work. Introducing Sat Practice Essay # 2 Student Samples Y ou may practice the overall format of a CV, but it's ampler to examine the web site of the university where you're applying. Any other important information may also be included. You are needed to mention different information about yourself in your resume. Now that you understand what you wish to support, you have to find evidence for this support.

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Causes for the American Revolution free essay sample

The British were definitely expected to win he dispute because they significantly over powered the Colonists in most areas. They had more money, weapons, people, etc. However the Americans prevailed with the help of the French. Their involvement was largely based on the French losing the French and Indian War to the English. The American Revolution was an inevitable conflict. The French and Indian War had major effects on the British and American colonists. This war doubled Englands already existent debt. Americas little financial and military help outraged many British officials during the war, which largely benefited he Americas.They were also bitter about the Colonists trading goods with enemies of the British. Because of this the British increased authority over the colonies after the war. The British began to tax the colonists to meet Englands financial needs. England passed many Acts that were ill conceived and had long-term effects on the relationship between England and the colonies. The crown had never directly taxed the colonists before. This caused problems between the Colonists and the British. A few Of the major Acts were the Sugar Act, Currency Act, Stamp Act, and Tea Act.The Sugar Act f 1 764 was an effort to try and stop the illegal trade between the Colonists and the French and Spanish. The Currency Act was also passed in 1764. The colonists responded to the Sugar Act and Currency Act by protesting against the use of writs of assistance, or search warrants, which were filled out after the illegal goods were found, violating the Colonists rights. Alleged smugglers would be tried in the Admiralty Courts where the accused had no right to trail by jury and the judge pocketed 1/3 of the fines they imposed.The Stamp Act of 1 765 enraged the colonists for this act was a direct attempt by the English o raise money from the colonists without the consent of the colonial assemblies. This tax was different from the rest because the other taxes were to regulate trade. Colonists reacted by riots, boycotts, the forming of the Stamp Act Congress, and Sam Adams organized the Sons of Liberty. The Stamp Act was the first external tax. The colonists felt that they were being taxed without representation. In 1 770 an extraordinary number of British troops were stationed in Boston. The Colonists didnt understand why there were so many troops after the war. This added to the already existent tension. The colonists taunted the Red Coats and on March 5, 1 770 the colonists threw snowballs resulting a hasty decision by the Red Coats to fire at the colonists. Five colonists were killed and nine were wounded. This night is known as the Boston Massacre. The Tea Act of 1773 was a tax on tea but, the British lowered the cost of tea significantly enough that even with the tax, British tea was cheaper than Dutch tea. Also to keep the price down, the British East India Co. To rid of the middleman in the colonies and opened up their own shops. If the colonists bought this tea, they would be accepting the fact that the British loud tax without representation. On DCE. 16th 1 773 the ships docked at the Boston ports. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and threw 324 chests of tea into the water. England responded to the Boston Tea Party by the coercive Act of 1774. In the fall of 1774 the first continental congress meet in Philadelphia. 55 delegates made a list of grievances and sent it to the King because they did not want to separate from the crown but just work within the system.In the spring of 1 775 they realized that working within the system Was not going to work. For months common people were training to be prepared to fight on a minutes notice, or the minutemen. General Gage was instructed by the British to get ride of the minutemen. The minutemen were waiting at Lexington for the British soldiers because of the help from Paul River and William Dyads. No one knows who fired first but eight minutemen were killed and ten were wounded. Shots heard round the world. The British soldiers moved on to Concord.The British burnt the powder supply and continued to Boston were on the way hidden common people continually red at the Red Coats and resulted in the British losing almost three times as many people as the Americans. This is the beginning of the Revolution, which was not a war, but a rebellion. Not all of the Colonists actually supported the rebellion. A third of the people were Loyalists meaning loyal to the crown. A third of the people were neutral. A third of the people were patriots. The Colonists didnt even have a unified army. The British Empire had money, an organized army, weapons and a great naval fleet.The Colonists had none of these. The only advantage hat the Colonists had at the beginning of the rebellion was that England was across the Atlantic and the battle was in the colonies. Compared to the British who were one of the most powerful empires at this time the Colonists did not seem to have a chance. Some of the major turning points of the war was the involvement of the French and the Battle Of Yorktown. The French did not enter the war until late. The French got involved to spite the British after the French were defeated in the French and Indian war. The French brought the Colonists weapons, men, money and a naval fleet.The Americans now seemed to eave a chance. With the help of the French, Washington won the final battle at Yorktown. The French and American troops trapped Cornwallis army of more than 7,000 men between land and sea. Cornwallis excepted to find the British Fleet but instead found the French Fleet. After some resistance, Cornwallis surrendered. The final settlement in my opinion was worth all the hardships. The Colonists could govern themselves and could control their own affairs without input from England. England at most times was more concerned with the colonies solving Englands problems instead of helping the colonies solve their robbers.The historians feelings about the Revolution are broken up into four groups, the Neo-alienists, the Anti-progressions, the Neo Whig, and the New Left. The Neo-alienists believe that the British are at fault and that they should have changed some laws and things could have worked out. The Anti- Progressions see the social classes as coming together for the same causes. The Americas are a middle class society but all the classes work together for a common good. The Neo Whig feel that the conflict was between good ideas and bad ideas and the good ideas always win.The New Left looks at owe the Revolution affected the minorities and is not interested in any other parts. In my opinion, the true nature of the conflict between the British and the Colonists was that the British had loosely governed the colonies in the beginning. Because of problems at home in England they did not strictly govern the colonies. The colonies formed their own governments around the loose laws of the British. When the British needed money they decided to bring in extra revenue by taxing the colonists. The colonists did not accept their taxation without representation, which caused the Colonists to seek independence from the crown. Even though in the beginning of the Revolution the Colonists did not seem to have a chance they came back in the end with the help of the French and dedication to their cause. The French entering the war was a major turning point. The final settlement turned out to be worth all of the Colonists hardships for they could finally govern themselves freely and could make their own decisions. Historians throughout the years have had many different views about what the Revolution was really about, but half of them feel that the Colonists came together for a good cause.

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To Build A Fire - Significance Of The Words Dying And Death Essays

To Build a Fire - Significance of the Words Dying and Death The significance of the words "dying and death" in Jack London's 1910 novel, "To Build a Fire" continuously expresses the man's dwindling warmth and bad luck in his journey along the Yukon trail to meet "the boys" at camp. London associates dying with the man's diminishing ability to stay warm in the frigid Alaskan climate. The main characters predicament slowly worsens one level at a time finally resulting in death. The narrator informs the reader "the man" lacks personal experience travelling in the Yukon terrain. The old-timer warned the man about the harsh realities of the Klondike. The confident main character thinks of the old-timer at Sulphur Creek as "womanish." Along the trail, "the man" falls into a hidden spring and attempts to build a fire to dry his socks and warm himself. With his wet feet quickly growing numb, he realizes he has only one chance to successfully build a fire or face the harsh realities of the Yukon at one-hundred nine degrees below freezing. Falling snow from a tree blots out the fire and the character realizes "he had just heard his own sentence of death." Jack London introduces death to the reader in this scene. The man realizes "a second fire must be built without fail." The man's mind begins to run wild with thoughts of insecurity and death when the second fire fails. He recollects the story of a man who kills a steer to stay warm and envisions himself killing his dog and crawling into the carcass to warm up so he can build a fire to save himself. London writes, "a certain fear of death, dull and oppressive, came to him." As the man slowly freezes, he realizes he is in serious trouble and can no longer make excuses for himself. Acknowledging he "would never get to the camp and would soon be stiff and dead," he tries to clear this morbid thought from his mind by running down the trail in a last ditch effort to pump blood through his extremities. The climax of the story describes "the man" picturing "his body completely frozen on the trail." He falls into the snow thinking, "he is bound to freeze anyway and freezing was not as bad as people thought. There were a lot worse ways to die." The man drowsed off into "the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known." The dog looked on creeping closer, filling his nostrils with the "scent of death." London's portrayal of the man does not initially give the reader the theme of dying, but slowly develops the theme as the story develops. The story doesn't mention death until the last several pages. The main character changes from an enthusiastic pionee r to a sad and desperate man. The conclusion of the story portrays the man accepting his fate and understands the old-timer at Sulphur Creek had been right; "no man must travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below." Typically, short stories written in the early 1900's often conclude the story with a death or tragedy. London's story is no exception. This story follows the pattern by illustrating events leading up to and including death. Thesis Statement- The significance of the words "dying and death" in Jack London's 1910 novel, "To Build a Fire" continuously expresses the man's dwindling warmth and bad luck in his journey along the Yukon trail to meet "the boys" at camp.

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Adapting Theory Into Practice †Example Admission Essay

Adapting Theory Into Practice – Example Admission Essay Free Online Research Papers Adapting Theory Into Practice Example Admission Essay Education is always an vital important problem which attracts more attention from each country. I thought to enter a university in China before, but after my throughtfully investigation, I choose this university which is far from my hometown. The Chinese fundamental education system pays more attention to the theory learning. Teachers always emphasize the concepts existed in the books, and put it in the second place that how to cultivate the ability of adapting theory into practice, which make us more familiar with the theory, but low ability in the practice. In order to let more and more students have the chances to receive higher education, many universities carried out an â€Å"Enlargement of Recruitment Policy†(guided by National government) in 1999, but the negative influence greatly increased owing to enlargement of recruitment on all levels and scales. As students who will enter university for further study, we are all worried about it. Teachers, especially professors, are extremely lacked. The classes, which should be on small scale are enlarged into big ones (with eighty to one hundred students). In the labs, several students sharing one equipment can be seen everywhere. The above scenes all intangibly make a great influence on students. As a student, who will receive higher education, what kinds of university I will choose have much relation with my future employment. Therefore, even though the tuition fees for Chinese universities are less than that in America, I don’t want to make any mistakes on my future, which means to receive such rough education. As we all know, there is a sound education system in U.S. Many universities in U.S. are famous in the world owing to their academic achievements. There are advanced teaching facilities, too. I firmly believe that I will receive better qualitative education on in your country. Research Papers on Adapting Theory Into Practice Admission EssayStandardized TestingThree Concepts of PsychodynamicResearch Process Part OneQuebec and CanadaInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesCapital PunishmentRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfTwilight of the UAW

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Case Study - Recruiting Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Case Study - Recruiting Manager - Essay Example With this radar technology, establishing a new subsidiary in Israel would be a big boost for Israel during its conflicts with the Arab states. Question one Following the new idea of establishing a new subsidiary in Israel, the CEO, Paul Lizfeld directed John Corners, the vice president of human resource in the United States and Francis O’Leary the vice president of human resource in the UK to find the best candidate for the new subsidiary in Israel (Roof and Bakhtari 136). Given the fact that the new subsidiary in Israel need to thrive just like in other areas, it poses a great challenge for both Corners and O’Leary to come up with a candidate who will oversee development and growth of the new subsidiary in Israel. Additionally, it would also be important for the two vice presidents to take in to account qualities that would fit the general manager’s ability to work in Israel. The major challenge for the two vice presidents will be finding the correct person for the job (Roof and Bakhtari 136). In order to facilitate business operations in Israel, the general manager should have Hebrew language knowledge. Given the fact that the general manager in Israel will be the representative of the BRB, it would be important to select a candidate who is culturally sensitive & diplomatic. It would also be a challenge to get a candidate who will be comfortable working in a country full of unrests. In this regard, it would be vital to select a candidate with a strong sense of politics. This will be of importance because the manager will be in a position to balance both politics and business. Moreover, somebody with a sense of politics will be in a position to conduct sensitive transactions with the Israel government (Roof and Bakhtari 137). The other challenge is that the vice presidents have to put in mind the standards of the general manager for the new subsidiary because he or she will be accountable for all transactions on behave of BRB. In other wor ds, having an incompetent general manager poses a great risk of the vice presidents loosing their jobs (Roof and Bakhtari 138). They are directly answerable to the CEO. It is also a challenge to the two vice presidents to come up with the right general manager given that they are supposed to conduct the search for the best candidate separately. Each would have his own criteria of choosing the candidate and it would be challenging to decide whose candidate is the best. However, the underlying principle is to come up with a candidate who would be in a position to manage and control BRB’s operations in Israel. Question two Of all the criteria the two vice presidents have to use in selecting the right person to head operations in the new subsidiary in Israel, they have to ensure that their criterion is in line with Lizfeld’s strong micromanagement style which emphasized on cost control (Roof and Bakhtari 136). According to Conners recruitment criteria, the general manager must work with Israel government both in direct capacity and in direct capacity (Roof and Bakhtari 137). According to him, the general manager must be in a position to conduct sensitive transactions with the Israel government. Due to the ongoing unrests in Israel, Conners decided to recruit somebody with extraordinary patience. He also thought of having a candidate with technical skills, a strong sense of politics, organizational ability, and cultural empathy (Roof and Bakhtar