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Question: Discuss About The Productivity And Profitability For Company? Answer: Introduction: The company chosen for the assignment is BP, formerly known as British Petroleum, started in 1908 post discovery of oil in Persia, and since then the company has transited from coal, oil, gas, to now finding new sources of energy. The company has its headquarters in London and is headed under the leadership of Bob Dudley(BP, 2017). It is amongst the top 10 largest companies in the oil and gas sector. BP remains controversial even to this day, owing to its multiple oil spills, explosions and environmental hazards. The problem here lies with the management, not givng any attention to the alarms raised by the employees repeatedly, complete disregard for the reports by internal auditors devastated the company. The leaders of the company were neglecting all these claims to be in the good books of the stakeholders, they wanted to increase the productivity and profitability for the company, hence in turn they ended up compromising on the safety procedures.(Zarroli, 2010.) BP has been at the helm of lot of public scrutiny owing to its gulf oil spills, costing them $20Bn as fines to the US govt, (Rushe, 2015) Alaska spill, deepwater horizon spill and many more.The oil spill in the gulf ocean had ruined the ecosystem situated in the Mexican gulf, and the company had to face extreme scrutiny for the same.The company though in order to clean up the mammoth oil spill have hired a SCATS team, which patrol daily on the shore and look for traces of oil (International Resource Journal,2012) Organization Theory: This can be understood as different approaches to understanding organizations, which lays the framework for the code and conduct of the organization ( Turner, 2014). Some of the prominent theories are: Agency Theory: It is a hypothesis which explains the relationship between principals agents in the business. It can also be concerned with resolving problems that can exist in agency relationship due to unaligned goals or different aversion levels of risk (Luger, Mammen Haleblian, 2015) Institutional Theory: This can be understood as a theory on the deeper and stronger aspects of social structure, it considers the processes by which structures, schemes , social norms, routines becomes established as authoritative guidelines for social behavior (Keohane Martin, 2014) Bureaucracy Theory: This theory can be understood in 2 parts , the first one being structuring an organization into a hierarchy and the second being, the organization and its memebrs is governed by clearly defined rational-legal and decision making rules, thus laying the groundwork for the theory (Lianos, 2014). Stakeholder Theory: This is a theory of organizational management business ethics that addresses morales and values in managing an organization. It is a big umbrella which also intakes shareholder theory , which says that the managers have an underlined duty to maximize shareholderss interest (Harrison Wicks, 2013) Stewardship Theory: This theory is an alternate to the agency theory, in this , managers, left on their own, will act as responsible stewards and manage the assets that they control. In this type, the shareholders interest are maximized as the managers are working toward aligning and same goals (Neubaum, 2013) Issues at BP: As mentioned in the introduction , BP has always been into controversy because of its failure to address the concerns and queries rasied in the past , the difficulty and showing complete negligence towards the report of its internal auditors and alarms raised by its employees, have earned them a really bad reputation in the industry(Frontline, 2010) This has also adversely affected its employee branding, although BP has done a lot of Corporate social responsibility work to remove this tarnish from their reputation , but there is still a lot of ground that has to be covered and a lot of work to do in order to avoid such mishappenings in the future or to the least minimize them (Lustgarten, 2010). Such incident can be strictly attributed to mismanagement and it clearly falls under the purview of Agency theory. Aggressive cost cutter CEO-Lord john browne was an engineer and a BP maanger who earned his reputation as the aggressive cost cutter, was promoted to the post of CEO, he was one of the importnt persons to have take BP to the heights it is at now. In the process , he made a lot of decisions which did not go down well in the history , cutting costs for hiring employees , buying cheap inventory for oil exploration etc. All this has lead down to a lot of explosion and spill. Capital expenditures being treated as useless expenditures: A senior manager in an email wrote to the employees , its better to save money for now than for later, resuting in negligent safety practices. Failure in compliance requirement: Alaska oil spills, in the history of world disasters will always be remembered, report says that many a times concerns were raised to the management to get the oil pipelines inspected , but nothing was ever done , the bare minimum was done after the workers went on a strike, it was observed later that the inspectors who were incharge of inspecting the pipelines were not certified and qualified to do the same , hence resulting in explosion later that year(Moon, 2015). It can be attributed to agency theory and overlooking the compliance required. Company being too much top down and not directive: In one of the interview , Mr Hayward( CEO in 2000s ) clearly said that the organizational structure at BP is extensively top down, too directive and people are really not open to listening, this clearly shows a faulty organization structure and hence the practices. The senior management if not open to communication then the entire process goes for a toss and lack of trust prevails in the system. Unhappy shareholders because of falling share prices: Due to all the explosion and oil spill happening , the share prices were falling considerably and the shareholders were extremely unhappy with the way things were going , hence Hayward was removed and a new CEO was brought in , completing neglecting the major issues for all the hazard , example of shareholder theory , where the shareholders interests have to be valued at any cost. Not taking ownership and responsibility for the events: Barring a few leaders , the entire company was trying to cover up for the hazards , the inability to own the mistakes and accountability of their own actions was a serious concern which nobody gave head to, hence resulting in cultural indifferences as well. Analysis: It is a no brainer that all the hazards which happened at BP were a simple failure of organizational structure and poor management. The lack of communication among the managers , the fear of senior management, absence of effective communication , giving no heads to the alarm raised by the team members, no accountability for the actions and to shy away from ones own responsibility is the major cause of all the mishappening. It can also be said that the leaders were not at all , in the minutest capacity effective or responsible to change the culture of 100 year old organization , they were all dogmatic and non persuasive and non communicators , who were only focused on increasing the shareholders interest and money, in the process neglecting processes/operations/safety concerns environmental hazards(Goldenberg, 2011). It is a failure in leadership which led to such big disasters, the inability to communicate and change the culture by the leaders and senior management is the biggest le sson BP have learnt (Cooks, 2010) In BP corporate culture, it is a mix of agency theory and stewardship theory , both of which are opposite to each other. Stewardship says to leave the managers to do their duty and they will in all their capacity focus on the development of the company and its people, with no/least control from the directors, and are allowed to take their own decisions, which is absolutely perfect, but in presence of agency theory wherin the principal directors take all the call and managers are puppets in the hands of the directors, this led them to not raise any concern to the management and ignore all the alarms raised by the employees in order to safeguard themselves against the possible wrath in foront of the directors, is the most important reason for all the hazards happened at BP and an example of overpowering Agency theory. Recommendation to Leaders at BP: Difficult situations/Crisis expose dysfunctional organizational cultures:BPs strategy of dealing with difficult situation by trying to spin it off and not tackling it as a haed on, lead to a lot of distrust and resentment in public eyes, what should be done in such situations is to face them and fix the problem where it erupted. Leaders are there to serve the company, people and communities One of the best qualities for the leaders is to think beyond themselves and work towards a bigger goal , making the company big , people happy and communities strong , no matter at whatever cost , but this perpetual pursuit towards serving can only keep a company strong, successful and powerful. Leaders need to work together and develop synergies: Leaders have to create synergies among other members and work towards overall development of all. Leaders should be pro-active in assesing any situation or company performance and should be the first person to act and guide the entrie organization, and at the same time keep the directors aligned and informed. Effective communication: Communication is pivotal to any organization, effective communication is what ideally should be in any company. Its the duty of the management to lay the importance of communication in their teams and in the entire company. It should be strictly independent of organization structure, hierarchy, culture, management approach, etc, the communication should be free flowing and their should always be a door for redressal of grievances. References: Turner, M.E 2014, Groups at work: Theory and research, Psychology Press. Luger, J, Mammen, J Haleblian, J 2015, Security Analaysts' Influence on Acquisition Decisions: A Joint Agency and Legitimacy Theory Approach, Sage publications. Keohane, R.O Martin, L.L 2014, Institutional theory as a research program, The Realism Reader, p.320. Lianos, I 2014, A bureaucracy theory of the interaction between competition law and state activities, Stanford University Press. Harrison, J.S. Wicks, A.C 2013, Stakeholder theory, value, and firm performance, Business ethics quarterly, 23(1), pp.97-124. Neubaum, D.O 2013, Stewardship theory. Encyclopaedia of management theory, pp.768-769. 2017, About us, Available at, last viewed on 13 September 2017. Zarroli, J 2010, Before gulf spill, BP CEO Tony Hayward won praise, last viewed on 13th September 2017, Frontline. 2010, The spill, last viewed on 13th September 2017, Lustgarten.A 2010, Years of internal BP probes warned that neglect could lead to accidents, last viewed on 13th Septemebr 2017, Moon, M 2015, BPs oil rigs just got their own internet of things, last viewed on 14th September, International Resource Journal, 2012, BP:Public scrutiny and recovery efforts in the aftermath of oil spill, last viewed on 14th septemebr 2017, Cooks, E 2010, BP: The inside story, last viewed on 14th septemebr 2017, Goldenberg, S 2011, BP oil spill blamed on management communication failures, last viewed on 14th Septemebr 2017, Rushe, D 2015, BP set to pay largest environmental file in US history for gulf oil spill, last viewed on 14th September 2017,

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Sonic Franchise Essay Sample free essay sample

In 1954. Troy Smith established Sonic as a exclusive proprietary under another name and latter went on to get down up a partnership with Charlie Patton. There are four types of concern ownerships. exclusive proprietary. general partnership. franchise. and corporation. What are the differences between the four types of concern ownerships? If Sonic had remained a exclusive proprietary. would it hold grown every bit big as it is today? What advantages and disadvantages did Sonic travel through in each signifier of concern ownership? What makes one restaurant franchise more successful than other eatery franchises in the fast nutrient industry? Sole ownership is when no more than one individual owns and operates the company they have completed said sing the concern ( Nickels 2013 ) . In a exclusive proprietary should the company be unsuccessful. the proprietor is to the full responsible and suffers full loss. In a general partnership. both proprietors are accountable for the running and s uccess of the concern. We will write a custom essay sample on Sonic Franchise Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Should the company non win. both are responsible for the bills/operating disbursal of the company. When it comes to franchising. several different people own franchised concerns but have to stay by the regulations set out by the proprietor/creator of the company. If one of the franchises should neglect. the company may lose a per centum of money they have been having from that shop. but merely a part from that peculiar franchise. The individual who franchised. or bought into the company loses what they put into the company to get down their franchised concern. Corporations are a whole other narrative. if they fail. the investors and everyone else involved stand to lose a great trade of money non merely from their stocks because they will be worthless. but because the owner/s of the company are non held apt for any of the concerns loses. If Sonic had remained a exclusive proprietary. it would non hold become every bit big as it is at this clip. They would non hold been capable to incorporate entree to the capital needed to turn and spread out. They would hold been able to turn by a little figure of shops ; and they would non hold been able to turn at the speed they did. Sonic went through advantages and disadvantages when they went through each signifier of ownership. The advantages of sonic being a sole owned concern are the proprietor enjoyed the benefits of being his ain foreman. keeping of net incomes. and no particular revenue enhancements ( Nickels 2013 ) . The disadvantages are he had limited fundss. limitless liability. and limited growing potency. With general partnership. the advantages were shared fundss. shared liability. and better growing potency. The disadvantages of general partnership were limitless liability to both spouses. division of net incomes. and trouble of expiration. The advantages Sonic has had with franchise is a name recognized throughout the state. personal ownership. fiscal advice helping. and assist with direction and selling. The disadvantages of franchising are modulating the directors. limitations on selling. high start-up fees. and net income sharing. Sonics’ advantages of integrating are size. separation of ownership from direction. easiness of ownership. limited liability. and the ability to raise mone y for investing. The disadvantages of integrating are dual revenue enhancement. extended paperwork. initial costs. and possible struggle with the board of managers and shareholders. The thing that makes one restaurant more successful than other restaurants would be. location. selling. word of oral cavity. nutrient quality. service. monetary value. and the people stand foring the company. Location is of import because if the eating house is out of the manner. it will be harder to happen and less likely to be visited by travellers. Selling is of import because it helps to advance the company. Word of is even better than customary advertisement because if you here the nutrient is high quality from person who has eaten there you are more likely to see and see for yourself. Service is of import because if you as a client do non like the service. you will non return and are more likely traveling to state others about the hapless service you received doing them non to see the constitution every bit good. Price is besides a factor because there are many more lower income households than higher income out at that place. Meaning the lower income households can merely afford to eat out at certain constitutions that offer great nutrient at low-cost monetary values with their households. In decision: sonic has been in concern since 1954 and has grown from exclusive ownership into a successful public held corporation. They have been successful in portion because of they are able to supply great nutrient at sensible monetary values so most people are able to afford to eat out. They have a low operating expense because their dinner is your vehicle. so they do non hold to worry about the clean up from their clients. Mentions Nickels. ( 2013 ) Understand concern 10th erectile dysfunction. . cp. 5. pgs. 134. 117. 119 Video Case ( Dec. 7 ) Sonic is dining!

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Dubai Is A Very Young Tourist Destination Tourism Essays

Dubai Is A Very Young Tourist Destination Tourism Essays Dubai Is A Very Young Tourist Destination Tourism Essay Dubai Is A Very Young Tourist Destination Tourism Essay Introduction: Dubai is a really immature tourer finish which gained popularity late. Dubai has proved as a really successful finish and managed its economic system after its recent crisis in twelvemonth 2009. Having sole resorts and hotels throughout the metropolis with comeuppances makes it a memorable finish with care foring experience it has sweets which make it similar to Las Vegas in America, Dubai was an impossible dream which is now an oasis for merriment in a really promising environment. The anchor for the development of Dubai was the investing made by the foreign investors which helped the substructure to roar and flourish. These developments were really good supported and promoted by crystalline authorities policies. But it is of import to observe that though Dubai was one of the first metropoliss to develop touristry it s really ambitious to prolong it since there are neighboring finishs as good which are endeavoring hard to derive the popularity among the part. However Dubai s development as a finish twelvemonth after twelvemonth has been singular and impressive. Dubai has been a dessert treasure of the Middle East part. Where the tourers can bask cheery beaches with the luxury of one of the finest hotels in the universe combined with the heat of Arabian cordial reception. Merchandise offer: Dubai is a finish with seven leading luxury hotels overlooking the beaches and with brilliant substructure throughout the metropolis. Dubai caters to immature tourers and to people who are willing to put in any sort of concern. It serves with first-class tourer comfortss and merchandises which are deserving puting in. It is one of the seven emirates of UAE where the touristry industry has done exceptionally good in the recent yesteryear old ages. Dubai is one of the most preferable finishs in the footings of its geographic location. Most of the Middle East and subcontinents of India are merely few hours off from Dubai and with easiness of handiness. Besides it attracts tourers from European states doing it merely 5 hours of flight to Dubai. Dubai is known as one of the best topographic points for a short interruption with broad scope of merchandises offering such as hotels and resorts, dining, shopping, partying, athleticss events and much more. Dubai is besides known for its unreal islands viz. , Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira, Palm Jabel Ali and The universe. These unreal and atheistic substructures have taken a drastic curve towards the development of touristry industry. Pricing Scheme: Dubai has made its image at an international degree and kept the gait with the increasing market demand and needs efficaciously. Tourism industry is one of the major subscribers of the entire economic system of Dubai. Dubai was at its best in its early 2002 which lasted for 5 to 6 old ages and faced a planetary economic system crisis in twelvemonth 2009. However, Dubai is retrieving and making good from last 2 old ages or so with enormous growing in retail merchant concern, oil refineries and of class the touristry industry. As said earlier, Dubai saw its roar clip during twelvemonth 2002 and hence it had psychological pricing scheme. However after the economical ruin in twelvemonth 2009, Dubai is now traveling through market incursion pricing scheme so as to pull international investors and tourers back to Dubai. ( Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, A ; Huang, 2008 ) Besides, maintaining in head the visa formalities of Dubai, that is visa on reaching, can be termed as differentiated scheme. In this context, Dubai tries to suit more and more Numberss of immigrants and which in a manner helps the Government of Dubai to bring forth more gross through visitants. Service construct: Dubai has emerged as one of the finest topographic points to see with ample of attractive forces from heritage sites, sole resorts and hotels overlooking the beach to celebrated landmarks like Burj Al Arab, freshly constructed Burj khalifa, the thenar, the universe, etc. However, Dubai is seeking to develop its substructure every bit much as possible and it is coming up with certain developments which will decidedly be a benefit for the touristry industry. Future developments which would heighten the service construct of Dubai for touristry industry are as follows: Dubailand Dubai athleticss metropolis The universe Al Maktoum International airdrome Global small town Current key selling communicating schemes: In this universe of globalisation, states all around the Earth are viing with each other in all facets. This is where marketing comes into the image. Today, the importance of selling has reached to an utmost tallness where any concern or a finish must hold a alone selling scheme to pull tourers or investors and derive their attending. Dubai has besides done its portion of it so as to do the universe aware of what Dubai is all about and what is it offering to the universe. Dubai has presently positioned itself in a greening phase because of the recent economic ruin in twelvemonth 2009 and hence it is seeking its best to perforate in the market once more and it has been making exceptionally good since past 2 old ages. Dubai has introduced assorted publicities and events which has critical function to pull investors from worldwide and sell Dubai as a finish through such events. There are few festivals and events which help Dubai for its strategic selling which are as follows: Dubai shopping festival Dubai summer surprises Eid in Dubai Besides, Dubai introduces athleticss activity, amusement, conferences and exhibitions throughout the twelvemonth. This breathtaking festivals and events attract people from around 200 states throughout the universe. Peoples sing Dubai for such events evidently experience something alone and this in a manner is personal merchandising for the finish through its tourers. On the other manus, in this universe of modern engineering, Dubai, like other states have introduced an official web site named Definitely Dubai which makes it easier for an person to research Dubai at one halt and travel. Hence, Dubai has assorted agencies through which they market their finish and they are as follows: Ad Personal merchandising Public dealingss Main mark market: Dubai offers ample of attractive forces and a topographic point which attracts all kinds of mark market from different facets of market cleavage. Following are the chief mark market for Dubai: Business travelers: Dubai is a hub for investors and recently more and more figure of international investors have turned up to Dubai and invested in some or the other sort of concern. Airlines and ship crew: Dubai enjoys its geographic location and remains one of the major points of arrest for all the flights winging from one portion to the other portion of the universe. Hence, suiting maximal figure of air hoses and ship crews. Exiles: As said earlier, Dubai has more than 80 % of exiles which means merely less than 20 % of UAE subjects resides in Dubai. Newlyweds: Having had alone finishs with epicurean resorts and hotels, newlyweds are the best mark market for the hotels. Hotels like Burj Al Arab and Atlantis are one of the best hotels to remain in for the newlyweds. Leisure travelers: Leisure travelers have tonss more to research Dubai in footings of shopping, activities, athleticss, amusement, natural militias, beaches and Parkss. High terminal travelers may bask their stay in any 5 leading luxury hotels and do their stay a memorable experience. Main challenges faced: Main challenge for Dubai was to get by up with the planetary economic crises which had a immense impact on the substructure development every bit good as the touristry industry. Most of the developments or undertakings were cancelled or put on clasp. Besides the political instability in the Middle East part raised an dismay for all the tourers sing this part finally decelerating down the flow of visitants to Dubai. However, after the economic crises in twelvemonth 2009, Dubai has made enormous come back and it is now get bying up with the gait of the market with touristry industry dining at a really high rate. Environmental analysis: Environmental analysis is nil but an rating of the possible impacts of external environment or forces on the bing schemes or growing of the concern or organisation. Dubai as a finish would decidedly like to supply each and every visitant a memorable and cheerful experience. Hence, authorities of UAE is responsible for the improvement and safety of its metropoliss and UAE itself as a state. Dubai is situated on the emirate s northern coastline. Dubai portions its boundary line with Abu Dhabi in the South, Sharjah in the nor-east and Oman in the south E ( ) . Having such competitory environment, environmental analysis will assist Dubai place its current place in the market and possible strengths and failings. ( Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, A ; Huang, 2008 ) Environmental analysis will fundamentally include macro environmental scanning. Macro environment consists of political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and legal factors for Dubai as a finish. Marketing Information system: Marketing information system ( MIS ) is all about assemblage and storing of informations and measuring them so as to run into the ends and aims of any organisation and for its development. Information could be in assorted signifiers, for illustration, figure of tourer, figure of hotels, engineering development, concerns, gross earned, etc can be collected. This information is collected by the Department of touristry and commercialism selling, Government of Dubai Dubai is one of the turning metropoliss in the UAE. As a finish, it attracts visitants through assorted agencies like existent estate, travel bundles, on-line auctions, exports, nightclubs, multi-level selling, occupation bureaus for skilled labors, franchise concern, etc. These factors somehow attract people from worldwide as a tourer or a visitant. This, in a signifier adds up to the gross earned by the authorities in footings of touristry and development. Marketing information system gathers and shops informations in the signifier of statistics and it is up to day of the month with the section of touristry and commercialism selling, Dubai. This will surely assist Dubai to organize its scheme for its uninterrupted and rapid growing in the market. There are certain benefits of holding marketing information system which are as follows: It helps to place and acknowledge current market tendencies Helps in marketing planning and commanding Helps with tonss of information which is consistently and decently designed Helps in doing right determination at the right clip with the facts and information readily available It besides helps in environmental scanning. Therefore, it is ever deserving holding MIS in any sort of concern or a finish to measure its current place in the market and get by up with new market tendencies. Environmental scanning: Environmental scanning helps in understanding the context for the preferable hereafter. Environmental scanning refers to macro environment which considers political, economical, socio cultural, ecological, technological and legal factors. It besides comprises of industries, companies, clients and rivals. These factors influence the concern, industry or a market as a whole. Environmental scanning is a procedure of placing the occurrences in and around the concern or a finish. Dubai is a alone finish with infinite chances. Hence, environmental scanning will assist the finish to last in the market by placing the chances and menace to its market. In this universe of globalization, there is a demand to make proper analysis of the milieus so as to keep the gait with the universe and organize a scheme consequently. The process for environmental scanning will be done at international degree. Dubai has been turning quickly since past few old ages and therefore the authorities of Dubai or the touristry section needs to be up to day of the month with the occurrences in and around Dubai. PESTLE analysis: Pestle analysis will loosely concentrate on the political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and legal facets of it. This will assist Dubai as a finish to be after its schemes for the hereafter development and pull more figure of tourers. PESTLE will besides assist the authorities of Dubai to cognize its rivals and the possible menaces to its market. ( Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, A ; Huang, 2008 ) . Political: Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of UAE and unlike other neighboring states it has a stable political history. In the recent old ages, it has sufficiently developed dynamic legal and regulative model. Dubai authorities and the section of touristry and commercialism selling have contributed a batch in the development of Dubai as touristry finish. However, there are certain impacts of political and legal factors on the finish. One of the major factors that attract tourers from around the universe to Dubai is the entry formalities. The UAE governments have made it really straightforward for the visitants of the Dubai by presenting a visa on reaching system. Here the tourers do non necessitate anterior visa to come in UAE airdrome, nevertheless this installation is merely applicable to 39 states GCC subjects. Hence, this formality is a large plus point for Dubai to pull tourers from all around the universe. Government of Dubai has given good penchant to the people who are interested in making a concern. It has besides received acknowledgment for its attempts in making concern chances. It has been a good result overall and the authorities of Dubai is still looking frontward to convey in new expensive installations. Foreigners have the right to hold the ownership of up to 49 % for the concerns that are established in UAE and up to 100 % for the professional concerns ( DTCM, 2011a ) . The authorities is besides looking frontward to better its foreign dealingss which will surely add up to the touristry industry in some or the other manner. Degree centigrades: UsersHemalDesktop3c6e5d0499db540c0bff2b975f7fdbc0_LARGE.png Macro environment ( PESTLE ) Economic: Over the past recent old ages, Dubai has made a drastic alteration in its economic system by going a major hub for the concern and investors. Having had a strategic location it serves as a biggest re-exporting Centre in the middle-east. Activities such as trade, touristry, conveyance, concerns, etc has made a immense part to the economic system of Dubai. However, the major sector which contributes to the economic system is rough oil ( Govers A ; Go, 2005, p. 77 ) . Dubai s gross economic system was US $ 92.11 billion in twelvemonth 2011. Where in the touristry industry of Dubai made 11 % of the entire economic system. It has been seen that the entire gross generated by the touristry industry was up by 20 % in the twelvemonth 2011 as compared to 2010. Tourism industry made 15,965,011 in twelvemonth 2011 while in 2010 it was 13,272,330. Dubai s trade excess has besides been increased over the old ages, turning from $ 18 billion in 2007 to $ 31 in 2011. This indicates the strength of the export sector of economic system. The cordial reception industry is anticipating a existent roar in its mere hereafter that is by twelvemonth 2015. Targeting around 100,000 suites for over 15 million visitants. On the other manus, Dubai s foreign debt was estimated at about US $ 100. Having looked at all the facts and figures over the past recent old ages, there seems to be no economical job in Dubai. In fact, the touristry industry will be one of the major subscribers to the Dubai s one-year economic system. Hence, there should be no concerns for Dubai as a finish for the international tourers. Sociable: Social factors comprises of imposts, societal category, faith, civilization and demographic variables such as age, gender, income and instruction degree. ( Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, A ; Huang, 2008 ) Harmonizing to ( DTCM, 2011a ) Dubai has a population of 2,065,636 which consists more than 80 % of exile s population. Male: Female ratio is 2.2: 1 It has really low or no offense rate record Eating of porc is a tabu in UAE National linguistic communication of UAE is Arabic Dubai follows Islamic faith, nevertheless pattern of all faiths is allowed in Dubai. Dubai is making good in footings of instruction ; it has merely 7 % of illiteracy. Dubai is one of the fastest turning metropoliss in the universe and the mean employment age is from 19 65 and which is expected to turn by 120 % by 2016. Hence, this will decidedly diminish the illiteracy rate of Dubai. Besides, due to friendly nature of Dubai it has made a singular growing in the trading concern and will go on to pull more and more investors in future. Technological: Technological factor is now one of the of import facets for any finish in the universe of globalization. Dubai has invested enormously in engineering and substructures in last 20 old ages or so. It has got ample sum of attractive forces where the tourers can look frontward to and do their visit to Dubai a memorable experience. Dubai has one major international airdrome, 2 havens, specialised free zones, several industrial countries, etc. Dubai has 387 figure of operating hotels ( Figure 1.1 ) and 53,828 figure of available suites by the terminal of twelvemonth 2011, ( DTCM, 2011a ) . Dubai has universe s fourth tallest hotel named Burj Al Arab, standing 321 metres tall with around 70 floors. Recently established universe s tallest edifice named Burj Khalifa is 828 metres long in tallness and more than 160 narratives. It holds the undermentioned records at international degree: Tallest edifice in the universe Highest Numberss of narratives in the universe Tallest service lifts in the universe Elevators with the longest traveling distance Tallest free standing edifice in the universe Figure 1.1 Degree centigrades: UsersHemalDesktop1.png Dubai has late introduced to engineerings which are utile for the people going throughout the metropolis. Installation of automatic menu system, path show, finish show system, electronic taximeters and complete direction systems has made easy for the tourers to go without any vacillation or problem. Dubai authorities besides introduced One Stop Information Centre ( OSIC ) where an person can halt over and shop for all the information about Dubai in one spell. Furthermore, Dubai has done significantly good in its engineering and substructure section so as to pull more and more figure of tourers every bit good as investors with long permanent experience. Ecological: Dubai enjoys with undoubtedly one of the best locations on the planet Earth. Having had exceptionally good looking beaches throughout the seashore, Dubai has many more things to look which is unreal. Dubai has more than 3 unreal islands, viz. , Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and The universe ( which appears as a universe map ) from North to the South. Dubai has been voted with the cleanest H2O with Abu Dhabi and Muscat. Besides, certain UAE metropoliss like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have been rated the best metropoliss to populate, ( Emirates intelligence, 2012 ) . Legal: UAE s seven emirates have their ain authorities with proper municipality and governments. There are Torahs where each and every person must follow and it has been noticed that in a recent few old ages exiles have failed to make it ( Emirates News, 2012 ) . There are few Torahs you should neer interrupt, for illustration: Clothing for adult females s should be conservative, no transparent vesture are allowed where as work forces s should cover their chest. There are few imposts jurisprudence where an person can non convey certain stuffs and are banned in UAE. For illustration, adult stuffs, drugs and anti Muslim stuffs. Consumption of intoxicant is banned in public topographic points but can be consumed in eating houses and saloon and in hotels. Drink and drive is a large offense and anybody found guilty will be jailed. Procedure for environmental scanning: Relevant countries for scanning Medium Duty of Reporting to Time Rivals Tourists Hotels, DTCM, Government of Dubai Internet web site of DTCM Annually Investors Hotels, concern or organisations DTCM or Government of Dubai Weekly Hotels and resorts Directors of the hotel, frontline staff Stakeholders, General director, Head of the section Daily Newspapers Hotels, concerns, enterprisers Journalists , Newspaper office, media Daily Customers Hotels and resorts Staff of the hotels Directors, Head of the section Daily Internet Staff and directors of hotels and resorts DTCM, authorities of Dubai Weekly Tourist Staff and directors of hotel DTCM, Government of Dubai Daily Economic GDP per capita Hotels, Businesss, enterprisers Government of Dubai Annually Gross Hotels, enterprisers, investors DTCM, Government of Dubai Annually Currency exchange rates Banks, hotels Government of Dubai Daily Legal Minimum pay jurisprudence Government of Dubai Human resources section Monthly Hospitality magazines/ Newspaper Hotels and concerns, enterprisers Media, Government of Dubai, Magazines and newspaper office Monthly Technological Infrastructure/ Technology Government of Dubai, Tourists, Locals Daily Situation analysis: Dubai has been researching significantly in all facets so as to pull more and more figure of visitants in recent few old ages. However it has some strengths, failings, chances and menaces. Strength and failings are internal whereas chances and menaces are external ( Hsu, Killion, Brown, Gross, A ; Huang, 2008 ) . Strengths: Oil companies, dining economic system, politically impersonal, alone beauty and hotels all around Dubai, safe and clean environment. Failings: Negative image of the Middle East, deficiency of natural resources, merely about 20 % of UAE nationality population. Opportunities: Job chances for immigrants, addition in oil monetary values, addition in foreign investors, and development of MICE. Menaces: Strong rivals are within the state for illustration, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Qatar besides international rivals such as Singapore and Hong Kong, limited media coverage. Hence, depending on current state of affairs analysis Dubai is traveling through a flourishing stage of economic system even after an economic ruin in twelvemonth 2009. Identified are certain strengths and failings with some chances and minimum menaces where in Dubai can turn drastically as a touristry finish in its mere hereafter. The economic system from hotel industry as said earlier and in figure 1.1 shows an impressive growing of 20 % in twelvemonth 2011 as compared to twelvemonth 2010. Certain factors that will convey in more international investors and tourers are new developments in substructure and engineering. Dubai has emerged as one of the rapid turning metropoliss and that excessively in a speedy clip span and hence it can be concluded that Dubai is going more popular internationally and besides a best topographic point to populate in with excess ordinary attractive forces. Target market analysis: One of the major kernels of selling is client oriented. Target selling is the procedure of identifying and concentrating selling activities to those clients whose wants and demands can be satisfied by you the best. By mark market procedure you have the possible to change over these clients as your invitees of future supplying you with difficult hard currency and investings. An effectual mark selling analysis will assist you to set up your resources for the market which would supply high return on selling investings. Hence mark market analysis is a really of import and important portion in the development and sustainability of any finish. It is of import to observe that mark market analysis is ever an on-going procedure, it has to be done in a sporadically. Dubai is already a developed finish in the Middle East part and has the competitory border of being the first-mover over old ages. Dubai was really good successful to do it on the top of the universe s touristry finish map. The hotel market in Dubai has grown significantly over old ages which were backed up by substructure developments and immense sum of domestic and international investors. However with the beginning of the economic crisis emerging globally it was really natural that it would hit the major market beginning. Due to the unwelcomed state of affairs hold oning the part for rather a piece Dubai non merely needs but besides was forced to rearrange the processs and schemes of the hotel industry in the metropolis which was enduring from a ruin in the tenancy rates. Dubai s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM, 2011b ) have been seeking really hard to place Dubai as non merely a top tourer finish but besides their purpose is to develop it as a commercial hub. While carry oning mark selling analysis it is of import to carry on a competitory analysis with other finishs in the part. This comparing must include factors which attract clients than the rivals it might include clime, scenery, substructure etc. Market Cleavage: A market section is a procedure of placing possible clients by one or more features. This is done to better understand the client needs.Dubai as a finish has classified its clients on the basic of two classs as geographic and psychographic. Geographic cleavage: In geographic cleavage the market is divided into several geographical boundary lines harmonizing to part, population, metropolis size and clime. This is done to concentrate on peculiar consumer base since consumer behavior varies across geographic districts. Hence it is of import to see geographic factors to aim and pull the market specifically. Top 5 beginning market for Dubai The above pie chart describes the figure of visitants on the footing of geographic country and the top beginning markets for Dubai. From the pie chart it is outstanding that Dubai enjoys a high figure of visitants from the South Asia part. It besides has many visitants from AGCC part which is Arab Gulf state council.AGCC includes 6 states which are Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The least sum of visitants was from CIS which is common wealth of Independent States. South Asia is one of the most of import sections for Dubai, since Asia has the largest piece of portion Dubai has a really good chance to take over this mark market and distribute its roots even deeper. The above information is about the visitants coming to Dubai nevertheless it is besides of import to maintain a path of the disbursement power of the beginning market ( DTCM, 2011a ) . Degree centigrades: UsersFavYAppDataRoamingTencentUsers473793741QQWinTempRichOleXGNK { GK` } 3 } J ] [ 6L7 $ XUTRG.jpg Harmonizing to the informations above it is outstanding that the tourer from the United Kingdom, United States and Saudi Arabia are by far the biggest disbursement geographic beginning markets in Dubai for their adjustment which accumulates to $ 124.9 millon, $ 82.1 million, and $ 70.5 million. This is equal to 63.2 per centum of the full class. Among the high disbursement states that spend $ 10 million or more yearly, Japan, Italy and France experienced negative growing of 16.6 per centum, 7.3 per centum and 1.2 per centum severally. However if we take an mean disbursement on the adjustment sector the high disbursement states are Russia ( $ 683.54 ) , Switzerland ( $ 629.81 ) and Saudi Arabia ( $ 551.40 ) . The full figures are retrieved from ( DTCM, 2011a ) . Pshychographic cleavage: Pshychographic cleavage is a procedure or tool to group the people harmonizing to their activities, involvements, life style and sentiment. Dubai is a really vivacious metropolis hence it is really of import to sort visitants based on their activities to better understand their demands and to develop the substructure demand. Henceforth the visitants sing Dubai has been classified into the undermentioned classs: Pshychographic Sections Features Business Visitors Stay upto 5 yearss Have visited Dubai on a regular footing Make their ain engagements instead than circuit operators Expression for safety, clime and value for money Airline and Ship Crew Stay upto one to three yearss Have visited Dubai before and travel on a regular basis Have corporate agreements for adjustment with the hotels. Stay in 2 star to 4 star hotels and some serviced flats. Leisure Visitors Stay for 4 to 10 yearss Are sing Dubai for the first clip Make their ain agreements Prefer to remain at 5 star hotels while minor per centum stay with friends and household Cruise Passengers Stay for two to three yearss Largely sing Dubai for the first clip Adjustment is normally a portion of the sail bundle Visit neighbouring finishs like Oman, Bahrain and Egypt. Conference Visitors Stay for eight to fourteen yearss Are sing Dubai on regular intervals Make their ain agreements Largely stay at 5 or 4 star hotels Use Taxi excessively much as manner of transit Working Exiles Stay for more than a twelvemonth Are normally sing Dubai for the first clip Have agreements for their adjustment but non in hotels Contribute to the Culture and economic system. The above diagram shows the per centum of physcographic sections in Dubai from all the visitants geting to Dubai. It is of import to observe that overall, rider traffic at Dubai International Airport the universe s 4th busiest airdrome rose 15 per centum in 2010 as the planetary economic system recovered. It was up 8.9 per centum in the first half of 2011 despite high fuel costs and increased economic uncertainness in Europe and the US. Hotels in the UAE trade and touristry hub Dubai, known for the universe s tallest tower, reported a modest tenancy addition of 0.7 per centum to 69.9 per centum in May from the old twelvemonth. Potential markets profiles: From the facts and figures about the visitants coming to Dubai we can place and depict the possible mark markets for Dubai. After analysis of the information we have identified 3 major new markets for Dubai ( DTCM, 2011a ) . The inside informations of those states are stated as follows China: In 2010 the visitants from China were found passing more in the state about 155.3 per centum more than they spent in 2009, harmonizing to visavue informations. The major growing class in some of the sections included speedy service eating house class which inclined to a 361. Percentage leap lending to 31,519 spent in of the other section which was a growing was departmental shop disbursement which went up by 210.8 Percentage to $ 25 million. Degree centigrades: UsersFavYDesktopUntitled.jpg The rise in the Chinese visitants in 2010 was noted by the luxury retail merchants since the Chinese tourers are looking more and more for high end luxury merchandises. Market conditions: Population: 1,347,350,000 GDP Real Growth Rate: 10.7 % Unemployment: 4.2 % Inflation: 1.5 % Entree: 99 per centum arrive at Dubai through Dubai airdrome normally by Cathy Pacific or emirates air hoses.

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Funny Birthday Quotes to Tickle Your Imagination

Funny Birthday Quotes to Tickle Your Imagination A birthday is a joyous occasion. What could be a better birthday gift than the gift of happiness? This birthday, share happiness by spreading laughter using a funny birthday quote. If you enjoy wisecracks, this page has funny birthday quotes to suit your sense of humor. Robert FrostA diplomat is a man who always remembers a womans birthday but never remembers her age.You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.Sir Norman WisdomAs you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I cant remember the other two.AnonymousA well-adjusted woman is one who not only knows what she wants for her birthday, but even knows what shes going to exchange it for.AnonymousI never forget my wifes birthday. Its usually the day after she reminds me about it.AnonymousWhen I have a birthday I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.AnonymousAge is a number and mine is unlisted.Larry LorenzoniBirthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.John GlennThere is still no cure for the common birthday.

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Essentials of Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Essentials of Negotiation - Essay Example   Describe your negotiation style. My negotiation style tends to be integrative and principled. My primary strength is that I have a good motive in seeking to obtain a win/win situation for all parties; I want to define the goals and maximize the objectives for everyone within a discussion framework that has fair standards and a high level of integrity. The weakness in my position is that a dishonest bargainer could possibly use my desire for consensus to manipulate me through deceit or hardball tactics. 3a.1 I had two friends who engaged in an integrative bargain resulting in a win/win situation. ... The first had a vehicle with relatively high monthly payments. His objective was to get out from under the financial strain and he wasn't concerned with making a profit on the deal. My other friend didn't really need another car but liked our friend's vehicle more than the one what she was driving. They both wanted to make sure the other achieved sensitive to the other's position their objective. She sold her vehicle, bought his for the payoff and, after refinancing with the down payment from the sale of her car, obtained lower monthly payments for herself. Everyone ended up happy. 3a.2 A family friend was the chief financial officer for his company. In analyzing the corporate debt, he determined that a refinance of the mortgage would save thousands of dollars. He called in his banker and asked for a reduced interest rate. At first, the banker was reluctant, but when the CFO mentioned that he could find a better deal at a competing bank if he moved all of the company's accounts (savings, checking, and investments), the banker quickly conceded. The company got a reduced payment and the banker kept the all of the accounts, the loss of which would have cost far more than lowering the interest rate. Even though a concession was made, both parties ultimately won. 3b. Win/Lose 3b.1 One of my relatives knew an individual that had come into some very difficult financial conditions. That person wanted to sell their car to pay off a hospital bill. My relative knew exactly what the other person owed on the car, and hard balled them into taking a price that yielded a $500 profit by pulling out the cash and putting it on the hood.  Ã‚  

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Diversity Issues in a Healthcare Setup Assignment

Diversity Issues in a Healthcare Setup - Assignment Example Moreover, it promotes efficacy and timeliness as its programming is guided by the objectives that would promote productivity. Kennedy highlighted the broad responsibilities of every human resource department and elaborated the importance of their competency. He so illustrated that beside duties that include hiring, training, compensation, development and event planning, the HR departments should be cohesively knit to meet other requirements like the changes in every environment. Changes, as the author noted, may include the rapidly expanding cultural diversity of the nation. Such would require that every department and all its members objectively meet cultural competence as a purpose. This is a strategy that can be achieved through mechanisms that involve training and even retention of the competent staff members. Anderson and Scrimshaw elaborate the significance of cultural competence in every healthcare setup. They so explained that cultural diversity has affected service delivery. This is a factor that has largely been projected through misunderstanding/misinterpretations and in some extreme instances, insensitivity, and discrimination. These factors, as the authors illustrated, have largely negated the elements that define productivity in healthcare setups; cohesion, awareness, and precision. The authors, therefore, highlighted programs that can get used for cultural integration and the facilitation of service delivery. The programs include training in cultural competency or even the application of interpreter services. Essentially, such programs eliminate the cultural parities that are caused by cultural incompetence in staffs. The author noted the developments in the healthcare system in 2004 as the staffs encompassed cultural diversity and competence amongst their core objectives.

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High School Essay Example for Free

High School Essay I like to believe that everyone has their own goals and dreams they would like to accomplish. Every person’s dreams and goal differ from one another. My name is Gwendolyn Pavon, and I too, have goals and dreams that I hope to accomplish. Having a future and a good career is something I have always dreamed about. My current academic goals are to stay in school. Being in school is my main priority, and focusing on my schoolwork is important to me. I have the opportunity to be in school and receive financial help and I won’t let this opportunity pass by. I realize how hard things are getting in the real word. Careers are becoming harder to find and to keep, therefore I’m willing to get an education to get a good career. I never really had people to motivate me to stay in school until my senior year in high school. I opened up to my English teacher about a couple things, and she made me realize a lot. I remember being younger and my father telling me to say in school, but after he left I didn’t have much motivation. My English teacher always pushed me into doing my work and staying in school. It felt nice knowing she cared about me getting an education. She helped me with scholarship applications, with getting everything done to get into college and helped me out with anything I needed. College isn’t as easy as high school, but I’m honestly willing to do anything to get a degree and hopefully become a nurse one day. All the work, and waking up early will be worth it in the future. Soon I will have to get a job and save money for my own car. I’m not so sure if having a job and being in school will be so easy, but if it gets tough I will not give up. I have understood that there will be complicated times in life, but the one thing I will never do is give up. I don’t have much people to push me into doing what I want, but I push and motivate myself. I want the best things in the world, and having the best things means working hard to get them. I’m not the smartest person out there, but I know that I’m a pretty bright person. Although being in school isn’t something I like so much, I have decided to continue going. My weaknesses as a learner outweigh my strengths. I can get very distracted easily and I have trouble staying focused on a topic. I have to constantly remind myself to get back on topic. Getting  distracted interferes with my learning, but I work at it every day to try to focus on my work. The good thing is that if something really interests me, I give it my full attention. Being in school and sitting through fifty minute classes isn’t something I always enjoy but I do have days where I enjoy the classes. Focusing on my school work will be a little complicated for me, but I’m willing to put in all my effort to continue my education. Getting an education, being successful, and accomplishing my goals and dreams are really important to me. I will prove to people that I will be successful and continue getting an education.